The ATHENA Leadership Award supports and celebrates the ATHENA mission of supporting, developing and honoring women leaders, inspiring women to achieve their full potential—creating balance in leadership worldwide. The ATHENA Leadership Award honors individuals who strive toward the highest levels of personal and professional accomplishment, who excel in their chosen field, devote time and energy to their community in a meaningful way, and forge paths of leadership for other women to follow.


The ATHENA Leadership Award is presented to a woman or a man who is recognized for professional excellence, for providing valuable service to their community and for actively assisting women in their attainment of professional excellence and leadership skills. The ATHENA Leadership Award highlights what recipients have accomplished in addition to paving a path for future successes. By honoring exceptional leaders, the ATHENA Leadership Award Program seeks to inspire others to achieve excellence.

Nominators should address in detail each of the following criteria for their ATHENA Leadership Nominee:

  • Professional Leadership: Demonstrates excellence, creativity and initiative in their business or profession.
  • Community Leadership: Provided valuable service to improve the quality of life for others in their community.
  • Personal Leadership: Actively assist women in achieving their full leadership potential.


For further assistance, please call Jennifer Johnson, at (407) 823-2385 or email


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